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FTDI Cable with 5V power and 3.3V logic

This is a special FTDI cable, usually you can get either 5v or 3.3v based on the FT232R chip. This means that the data and power cable is only 5v or 3.3vdc. This product offers the red and black cable to provide 5VDC and the data lines white, green, yellow and blue run on 3.3vdc. Only $8.99 CAN/ $6.42 US.

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ELEKSMILL D.I.Y CNC Milling Machine Kit

This amazing DIY CNC kit is a dream come true. It is well packed and comes with thoughtful instructions like a Christmas toy! Playful and intuitive to assemble, instructions and video guides are available to get this machine up and running! With a well packed storage unit and organized materials, you should not have any issues getting this milling machine up and operational!

Excellent for milling on materials such as wood, PCB, Acrylic and more. More info

Arduino Educational Kits

This is an Arduino DIY kit Weighing scale that is capable of measuring the weight of objects up to 5 kilograms. Once Calibrated properly, it can be fairly accurate with only maximum error of 1 gram.
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