Arduino UNO R4

Arduino UNO R4 WiFi 32-bit microprocessor 

The UNO universe expands with UNO R4 WiFi: the same industry-standard form factor at 5V operating voltage, but with the enhanced performance of a RA4M1 32-bit microcontroller by Renesas with ESP32-S3-MINI coprocessor – for increased computational power, memory and speed – as well as Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity, a 12 x 8 LED matrix, and a Qwiic connector. More info

Arduino UNO

geeekus Atmega328P Microcontroller Board Compatible with Arduino Uno R3

This is a geeekus brand Compatible to Arduino UNO Microcontroller - with original Atmega328P chip. It can be programmed over a USB Mini-B cable using the Arduino IDE. Just plug in the board, select “Arduino UNO” from the board menu and you’re ready to upload code. A cable is included. More info



geeekus ESP32-WROOM-32

ESP32-WROOM-32, geeekus Wi-Fi + Bluetooth BLE Low Power IOT Microcontroller, 38 pin, usb micro, with original ESP32-WROOM-32 and CP2102.

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C-LOGIC-5100 Digital Multimeter 2000 Count 3.5 Digit Function, CSA Approved

Features: Power supply: 1X9V 6F22 battery, Show 2000 counts, Automatic shut down, Transistor hFE0~1000, Open diode voltage 3.0V, Continuity buzzer<50Ω, Data retention, Low battery display, Safety rating: CAT lll 600V  

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100 MHZ Oscilloscope

Educational kit

The Keyestudio KS0520 4DOF Mechanical Robot Arm Car takes the fun of a remote-controlled car and adds a functional, multi-axis robotic arm. Use Bluetooth to control this robotic car and tackle challenges or put it to work to move items around an obstacle course. As you advance your knowledge of coding, program this robotic smart car to perform various modes of navigation such as line tracking, ultrasonic following, maze function and more
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Solder Station