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B35+ Data Recording Digital Multimeter OWON

This extremely versatile Data Recording Digital Multimeter can record and transmit voltage, current, and temperature readings to a cellphone using Bluetooth communication. Apps available for Apple and Android cellphone allow you to set the record interval and sum points on the multimeter. Learn More

$49.99 US
$69.99 CAN


ELEKSMILL D.I.Y CNC Milling Machine Kit

This amazing DIY CNC kit is a dream come true. It is well packed and comes with thoughtful instructions like a Christmas toy! Playful and intuitive to assemble, instructions and video guides are available to get this machine up and running! With a well packed storage unit and organized materials, you should not have any issues getting this milling machine up and operational!

Excellent for milling on materials such as wood, PCB, Acrylic and more. More info

This easy to assemble kit comes with all necessary parts and instruction manual to get your very own line tracking robot. As the robot operates on two AA batteries and comes with a push button to turn on or off, once assembled this robot is safe around kids and pets. Create custom race tracks with black tape virtually anywhere and watch this robot do its' magic.
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