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WeeeBot STEM Education Robot Kit

Hi, everyone, I’m WeeeBot, an entry-level 3-in-1 STEM education robot kit! I am very clever, because I have a smart brain – mainboard ELF. Under the command of ELF, I can do anything with my powerful motor and solid body; I have a very sensitive ultrasonic sensor and a line-following sensor, so I’m a regular in line-following competition and obstacle-avoiding contest. In addition, I have rich expression ( LED panel), colorful lights, elegant voice. Would you like me? More info



Ender-4 3D Printer DIY Kit

This fancy machine is a full DIY 3D printer kit. It comes in a well packaged box along with an SD card that has video and text instructions to guide you through the building process. Unlike its little brother, the Ender-2, this is a full DIY kit that needs to be put together which makes it a great way to turn a regular weekend into an exciting project for you and your family! It is built from high precision aluminum extrusions and metal brackets, uses an H-Bot style movement kinematic and uses a well developed controller board. More info

This is an Arduino DIY kit Weighing scale that is capable of measuring the weight of objects up to 5 kilograms. Once Calibrated properly, it can be fairly accurate with only maximum error of 1 gram.
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