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Classic Home Console Gaming Kit including Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Eager to get your hands on a classic home console system to play and relieve those old NES games? This kit provides a Raspberry PI 3 model B with the required components to get it up and running. We also wrote a nice guide to allow users to start playing with the RPI on the RetroPie OS.

This kit can be repurposed for other projects in the future as well, such as installing OpenElec for media center, Raspbian for desktop system and etcetera. We recommend this kit as a raspberry starter as the user gets introduce to Linux systems for the first time with minimum command line codes and offers a rewarding experience. We also checked to see how far we could go with the Console Build and were able to play N64 Games without any audio issues. Learn More


D.I.Y. 2WD Car Frame Starter Pack

This simple and cost effective frame kit allows users to build their own projects onto the acrylic 2WD car frame. This kit comes with two 6v DC geared motors, two encoders, one frame, one 4x AA battery holder, a third wheel that will coast as the motors does the movements and a mount designed specifically for the ultrasonic rangefinder module that is sold separately. This frame is designed to be a front wheel drive system. All you need is an H-bridge, any microcontroller and a power source.

Get it up and running with our simple guide on the assembly and visit any of our premade car kits on our website to download the free code provided for Arduino Uno, example codes such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance, IR Remote, Bluetooth and etcetera! More info

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