Makeblock is an aluminum extrusion based construct platform that can be used to bring your creations to life. With Makeblock you can make professional and stable robots, machines or even art-ware. The only limit is what you can think of.

With the Makeblock platform, the only tool you’ll need is a screw driver and your imagination. There is no soldering or special skill needed. Everyone over fourteen years old can use Makeblock to turn their ideas into reality.



Makeblock’s stability comes from its strong modular aluminum design and flexibility. The connections are designed with threaded slots and holes to make connections easier when building, essentially removing the need for bulky connectors. This makes Makeblock extremely adaptable to almost any project you can dream up.

Makeblock is based on the popular micro-controller Arduino, meaning that whatever you build can be brought to life and controlled through your laptop, bluetooth or many other devices. Electronics can be difficult. The complicated connection of wires can cause headaches and disorganization. It's not easy to find the right pins for beginners to connect. Makeblock has developped it's own series of electronic modules, using friendly modular connenctors. Moreover, color tags are used to identify the function of each connector. You don't need a deep understanding of electronics to make the right connection, just be sure the color tags matches. Makeblock makes electronics easy.