DIP-Common Bussed-14 Pins, 13 Resistors

ABRA stocks a wide variety of Common Buss or Isolated SIP Resistor Networks and DIP Resistor Networks. In this section ABRA introduces Common Buss DIP Resistor Networks in the form of 14 Pins, 13 Resistors.

The following are the more popular values ABRA stocks:

  Ohms   Order#     Ohms   Order#
 33  4114R-002-330    2.0K  4114R-002-202
 39  4114R-002-390    2.2K  4114R-002-222
 47  4114R-002-470    2.7K  4114R-002-272
 100  4114R-002-101    3.3K  4114R-002-332
 120  4114R-002-121    4.7K  4114R-002-472
 150  4114R-002-151    5.6K  4114R-002-562
 180  4114R-002-181    6.8K  4114R-002-682
 200  4114R-002-201    8.2K  4114R-002-822
 220  4114R-002-221    10K  4114R-002-103
 330  4114R-002-331    15K  4114R-002-153
 390  4114R-002-391    18K  4114R-002-183
 470  4114R-002-471    27K  4114R-002-273
 560  4114R-002-561    47K  4114R-002-473
 680  4114R-002-681    56K  4114R-002-563
 820  4114R-002-821    68K  4114R-002-683
 1K  4114R-002-102    100K  4114R-002-104
 1.2K  4114R-002-122    150K  4114R-002-154
 1.5K  4114R-002-152      
1 2 3
1 2 3