Custom Kits

Abra will make your custom kits !



custom kits

If the electronic components you order are to be divided among your students, then save yourself time and labor by joining a new trend in education. Ask ABRA to assemble your order, with no labor charge, in individual student packages of custom electronic kits.


For further information call us.

U.S.A.: call Marc at 1-800-717-2272

Canada: call Kevin at 1-800-361-5237

Or send us an email and we will contact you.

Please note: Custom Kits are non-returnable and non-cancellable.

ABRA custom kits



No need to waste time contracting different suppliers for pricing, delivery and technical information.


  Your parts will come prepackaged. No need for you to sort and put together all the components you receive. Remember we do not charge extra for packaging.


  You will receive your assembled kits on time. No need to delay your class because one of your suppliers has missed your delivery date on a crucial item.

abra electronics custom kits