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100A AC Power Monitor Panel

Monitor AC voltage, current, power and energy consumption simultaneously from a large-screen backlit LCD. The included Precision AC Current Transformer provides the ability to monitor energy consumption on household power lines with no external power supply. 

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Precision AC Current Transformer

This linear transformer provides AC current precision measurement up to 100A. An AC current in a wire passing through the center is transformed in a precise 1:1000 scale to the secondary leads. A resistor of 100 ohms or less can be used as a load on the secondary leads to measure the resulting current with a precision of 0.1%. This is the same transformer that is used with the TRF-PM AC Power Monitor Panel Meter for display measurement.

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37 Piece Sensor Kit for Arduino

This Sensor Kit for Arduino includes 37 popular sensors in a sturdy plastic case.

All these sensors are breadboard friendly, which makes your protoyping much easier.

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