3386P Series-1/2W, Single Turn Cermet, Square

The Bourns 3386P Series of potentiometers is similar to: Beckman 72PR, Mepcopal 8038, Murata 3104P, Spectrol 63P, VRN 780-12P and Weston 840P.

Part# Old Part# Ohms
3386P-1-100 63P10 10 Ohm
3386P-1-500 63P50 50 Ohm
3386P-1-101 63P100 100 Ohm
3386P-1-201 63P200 200 Ohm
3386P-1-501 63P500 500 Ohm
3386P-1-102 63P1K 1K
3386P-1-202 63P2K 2K
3386P-1-502 63P5K 5K
3386P-1-103 63P10K 10K
3386P-1-203 63P20K 20K
3386P-1-253 63P25K 25K
3386P-1-503 63P50K 50K
3386P-1-104 63P100K 100K
3386P-1-204 63P200K 200K
3386P-1-504 63P500K 500K
3386P-1-105 63P1Meg 1Meg
3386P-1-205 63P2Meg 2Meg
3386P-1-505 63P5Meg 5Meg