About ABRA


ABRA was founded in 1990 as a Broad-Line distributor of electronic components and accessories with the goal of providing personalized service to OEMs, repair shops, government organizations and educational institutions. ABRA was a direct marketing pioneer with its first one hundred page catalog containing the most frequently requested product lines and toll free numbers with the most knowledgeable and friendliest employees in the industry.


Our business model remains unchanged. Despite having grown to a much larger size, ABRA still offers top quality, personalized, one-to-one service from an experienced staff. For example, when you call ABRA you will not be answered by an automated phone system. Instead you will be warmly greeted by a real live person who will gladly help connect you to the right department. ABRA wants you to have a pleasureable customer experience. For those who prefer emails, you will get a prompt response.


Because of our Broad-Based product line, ABRA's customers range from the hobbyist to the purchasing department of a large company. We service the small or large OEM that requires components for production, the manufacturer that needs hard-to-find ICs, the repair shop that needs a few replacement parts, the re-seller that needs to purchase small quantities of components at bulk volume prices, the hobbyist who needs a multimeter, the student who needs electronic project kits, the teacher who needs electronic components or science equipment and advice for his course, the international customer who needs a trustworthy source, or the Fortune 500 company that needs computer accessories. ABRA offers a vast array of products and top level service to everyone.


Teachers are especially attracted to ABRA because of our easy-to-use one-stop shop catalog, a user friendly website, and a knowledgeable and easily accessible staff. ABRA has an educational department which understands the unique requirememts of high schools, home schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities. When you call our educational representatives with a list of requirements, we will offer you top quality standard components widely used by schools. For example, if you require banana plugs for your project, a low cost high quality $.15 banana plug will be suggested and not an expensive $2.00 banana plug (unless of course you request a specific manufacturer). Our friendly staff always offers advice on products and manufacturers most appropriate for your classroom.


ABRA has many Re-Sellers as satisfied customers. Being master importers of many electronic components and accessories enables us to provide our re-sellers with rock bottom prices for small or large quantity orders. Call ABRA for more details.


ABRA has a location in Champlain New York for U.S. customers and a stocking warehouse in Montreal for Canadian customers.



ABRA Electronics Inc.

1320 State Route 9, #21

Champlain, NY


Tel: 1-800-717-ABRA(2272)

Fax: 1-800-898-ABRA(2272)

ABRA Electronics Corp.

5465 Cote De Liesse

Montreal, QC


Tel: 1-800-361-5237

Fax: 514-731-0154