Sensors RFID

Low Frequency (LF)

 The LF band covers frequencies from 30 KHz to 300 KHz. Typically LF RFID systems operate at 125 KHz. This frequency band provides a short read range of 10 cm, and has slower read speed than the higher frequencies, but is not very sensitive to radio wave interference.

High Frequency (HF)

The HF band ranges from 3 to 30 MHz. Most HF RFID systems operate at 13.56 MHz with read ranges between 10 cm and 1 m. HF systems experience moderate sensitivity to interference. 

Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

The UHF frequency band covers the range from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. Typically UHF RFID systems operate at 860 to 960 MHz. This frequency band provides a range of 12m, they are also faster than HF and LF RFIDs. Special tags are designed to alleviate signal noise loss.