Electrolytic Capacitors-Radial

ABRA stocks Axial Electrolytics, Radial Electrolytics, High Voltage Electrolytics and Non-Polar Electrolytics.


ABRA's Radial Capacitor Kit

Contains five each of 31 of the most popular radial capacitors, all labelled & packaged in a cardboard organizer box.

Contains five each of the following: 
Ceramic Disc 50V:
10pf, 22pf, 33pf, 47pf, 68pf, 100pf, 220pf, 330pf, 470pf, 680pf
Mylar Film 100V:
.0022uf, .0047uf, .01uf, .022uf, .047uf, .1uf, .22uf
Ceramic Monolythic 100V:
.01uf, .1uf, .22uf
Radial Electrolytic 50V:
1uf, 2.2uf, 3.3uf, 4.7uf, 10uf, 22uf, 47uf, 100uf, 220uf, 470uf, 1000uf