Jumper Wire Assembly

How to Make your Own Custom Jumper Wires

Make your own custom jumper wires that mate with various 0.1"-spaced connectors, including male or female headers and solderless breadboards.

You can also easily make cable harnesses or assemblies that branch from one connector on one side to multiple connectors on the other.
Steps and Components Required:
Step 1: Pick your connector housing. We have connector housing from 1x1 to 2x16. The most popular is the 25 pack 1x1, part# 1900-POLOLU.
Step 2: Pick your female crimp pins (1930-POLOLU) or male crimp pins (1931-POLOLU).
Step 3: Choose the color and length of your stranded hook-up wire. The part number for a 100 ft. roll is 24HST100-X ("X" is the color number, for example, 24HST100-2 is black) and for a 1000 ft. roll is 24HST1000-X. 
Step 4: Finally you need a crimp tool that can crimp male and female pins. See part#: 1928-POLOLU.