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P2W Series- 2 Watt Linear Taper

ABRA stocks 2 Watt Linear Taper Potemtiometers from Precision Electronic Components. Precision Electronic Components Ltd. has been manufacturing high-quality industrial and military potentiometers since 1951. We supply many of the world's leading aerospace, telecommunications and industrial manufacturers.

Part# Ohms
P2W50 50
P2W100 100
P2W250 250
P2W500 500
P2W1K 1K
P2W1.5K 1.5K
P2W2.5K 2.5K
P2W5K 5K
P2W10K 10K
P2W25K 25K
P2W50K 50K
P2W100K 100K
P2W250K 250K
P2W500K 500K
P2W1MEG 1Meg