9v 800 mAh lithium USB Rechargeable Battery

Shaped like a normal 9v battery this unit provides approximately 8.2v at full charge and operates like any normal 9v battery cell. The only exception is that this unit is rechargeable! Plug in a micro USB port in the back to charge with your computer, the side indicator will show you the current charge of the unit. Please do take precaution and prevention from wire shortage and paying attention to polarity. Lithium batteries can explode from pressure, heat or voltage short.

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IMAX B6 LiPro Balance Charger + AC-DC Adapter

It is a very advanced smart charger for your LiPo/LiFe, NiCd and NiMH Batteries, capable of  managing 6S Li-ion/LiPo/LiFe and 15S NiCd/NiMH. The Display and straightforward controls make charging high volatile batteries safe and easy. Simply plug in a 12v DC power source up to a maximum of 5A on the right side and connect your battery with the balance cells (if needed) on the left side.

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