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ABRA stocks Chokes, Coils and Inductors from manufacturers such as Xicon and Fastron. ABRA stocks Epoxy Coated Chokes, Molded Chokes, RF Axial Chokes, RF Radial Chokes and Pluggable Radial Coils.



434-21 Series Axial Chokes

434-22 Series Axial Chokes

43LS Series Axial Chokes

434-23 Series Axial Chokes

Ferrite Core

Fixed Inductors

Hammond Chokes & Reactors

Inductor Kits


434-02 Series Radial Coils

434-03 Series Radial Coils

434-17 Series Radial Coils

434-01 Series Radial Coils

43HH Series Axial Chokes

43LQ Series Axial Chokes

434-1120 Series Radial Chokes

43LH Series Radial Chokes

43LJ Series Radial Chokes