PTPEN Visual Scientifics Pendulum

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The PTPEN Visual Scientifics Pendulum

Pendulum is used to investigate the oscillation period, and has a frictionless mount and an adjustable string for measuring varying changes. The kit includes a pendulum back board, mounting rod, string, and pendulum bob and stopper for hands-on experiments, and has steel construction for durability. Steel is a good general-purpose material, with better weldability and increased rust resistance over wrought iron.

The pendulum’s 20-page instructions cover three hours of class and lab time, and include the main lab, “Spring Investigation: Inquiry-Based Activity to Discover Period of Simple Pendulum,” and two extensions, “Energy Conversation” and “Applying Technology to Track Energy Conversion.” The instructions also contain safety information, general theory, classroom lessons, experimental set up diagrams, a student lab book, 10 Next Generation Science Standards Concepts, and 8 Common Core Standards.

Kit Includes:

  • Pendulum back board
  • Mounting rod
  • String
  • Pendulum bob
  • Pendulum stopper
  • Instructions

*The kit requires the PTBASE base for operation