KHR-3001 Kitchen High Resolution Scale 3000 Grams

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The LW Measurements KHR-3001 is a digital culinary scale used in the kitchen and great for monitoring food intake. This scale comes with a plastic bowl and measures up to 3000 grams with an accuracy of 1 g.


  • LCD Display
  • Auto Backlight
  • 6,000 divisions
  • AC Adapter or Batteries required (6 AA)
  • Switch Selectable Pounds or grams


 Additional Information   
 Capacity & Readability (lb)   6.5 lb x 0.1 lb 
 Capacity & Readability (g)   3000 g x 1 g 
 Units  g, lb
 Platform Dimensions  5.7" Platter
 Display  0.6" LCD
 Power  AC Adapter or Batteries (6 AA) 
 Weight  8 Lbs