JW-100-M Male Crimp Pins and Housing -100 of each - for Jumper Wires

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Create your own custom jumper wires with this pack of 100 of each of male crimp pins and 1x1 crimp connector housing(0.1"/2.54mm).

All you need to do is to choose the color and length of your stranded hook-up wire that you want to attach to the connectors.
The part number for a 100 ft. roll is 24HST100-X ("X" is the color number, for example, 24HST100-2 is black) and for a 1000 ft. roll is 24HST1000-X. We recommend 24AWG wire but it can accept 22-26AWG.

Of course you need a crimp tool capable of crimping male or female crimp pins. If you don't have one we recommend our 1928-POLOLU.

    • accepts 22-26 AWG
    • snap fit plastic strain relief
    • copper connector
    • 100 connectors and strain relief per package
    • also available in female - JW-100-F