PSM-HLK-1D0505 1W Power Supply Module DC-DC Isolated Non-regulated 5V TO 5V, SIP-4

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This 1 Watt 5V DC/DC single output power supply product can provide small volume, high efficiency micro power, input isolation non stabilized voltage. 


Characteristic: Constant 5VDC voltage input, isolated non-stabilized voltage, single 5V output, 1W
Transfer efficiency 80% (Typ.)
Isolation is required between input and output (isolation voltage = 1500VDC)
Output short-circuit protection
The voltage of the input power supply is relatively stable. (Voltage variation range±10Vin)
Operating temperature range: -40°C-+85°C
Small SIP-4 package

Environmental conditions
Working environment temperature: -40- + 85 Degree
Storage temperature: -40- + 80 Degree
Relative humidity: 5-95%
Cooling method Natural cooling
Atmospheric pressure: 80-106 Kpa
Vibration coefficient: 10 ~ 500Hz, 2G10min./1cycle, 60min.each along X, Y, Z axe (Meet the requirements of secondary road transportation)

Product application considerations
1.Input requirements: Ensure that the output voltage fluctuation range of the power supply does not exceed the input requirements of the DC / DC module itself, and the output power of the input power must be greater than the output power of the DC / DC module
2. Overload protection: Under normal operating conditions, the output circuit of this product has no protection function against overload conditions. The easiest way is to connect a resettable fuse in series at the input, or add a circuit breaker to the circuit;
3. The external capacitor of the output terminal should not be too large, otherwise it will easily cause overcurrent or poor startup when the module starts.

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