PSM-249 PWM Motor Speed Controller with LED Display 10-55V DC, MAX 60A, CW/CCW Reversible Switch

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This PWM Motor Speed Controller is designed with a digit display that shows the rate in percent of actual speed to maximum speed.

This motor speed controller can be installed to accomplish reversing the motor's direction. With high power allows setting rotation direction.


1.Model: EQ89
2. Input voltage: DC10-55V (equal to the rated voltage of the motor)
3. Maximum current: 60A
4. Continuous current: 40A
5. Speed regulation mode: Potentiometer(100K/with switch function)
6. Speed regulation type: Regulating current
7. Support motor: DC brushed
8. Forward and reverse rotation: Support
9. Speed range: 0 - 100%
10. Cooling fan: brushless fan
11. Wiring type: terminal
12. Reversible switch: CW/CCW
13. Wiring type: fence terminal block
14. Weight: 309g
15. Size: 125*90*45mm

1) The digital display only shows 0-100%, which is the percentage of the full speed of the motor, not the actual speed of the motor
2) The input voltage should be equal to the rated voltage of the motor
3) Power supply input must be divided into positive and negative 

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