LP-560 Logic Probe

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The LP-560 Hand-held digital logic probe provides convenient and precise use in the measurement of logic circuits. 

Displays logic levels (high or low); pulses and voltage transients down to 25 nanoseconds.  High intensity LED readouts provide instant response to the logic state.


  • Tests all logic families (TTL, LSI, CMOS, ECT)
  • Captures pulses to 25ns (20MHz)
  • Audio beeper, two tones HI and LOW
  • Memory function
  • Colored LED's for different functions
  • Input overload protection
  • Logic probe is circuit powered
  • Reverse polarity protection



Working Voltage

Frequency Response 20MHz
Minimum detectable pulse width 25ns
Input impedence 1MΩ
Input overload protection ±220VAC/DC 15s
Supply voltage protection ±20VDC
Pulse indicator flash time 500ms
Operating temperature 32° - 122°F (0° - 50°C)