SL-10 Soldering Station With Slide Knob

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The SL-10 is an excellent high quality soldering station for schools, hobbyists and repair shops

Standard Tip SL-622
Temperature ajustable
Temperature controlled from 150°C - 420°C
Voltage: 24V
Heating Power: 48W for soldering pencil
Soldering Tip Size: 5.3mm

This is an original Solomon Soldering Station from Taiwan and not an imitation knock off.

Others Soldering Tips are available for the SL-10, SL-20 and SL-30 sl-iron-newa.jpg

 Tip Type         
 Tip Dimension 
 Tip Dimension 
 Bent Screwdriver 
 Set of 7 Replacement Tips (includes 1 of each SL Tip 600 Series)