SMD6000 Solder / Desolder Complete Kit for Lead-Free applications

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The Chip Quik SMD6000 is a kit of lead free applications for soldering and desoldering rework items.


  • Removal Alloy... SMD 8NL 8Ft. Lead-Free Removal Alloy (w/instructions)
  • Solder Paste...SMD291SNL No-Clean Lead-Free Rework Solder Paste.. 9g .. Sn96/Ag3/Cu.5
  • Solder Wire… SMD 96 Lead-Free solder wire .031” Diameter 15Ft. 96Sn/3Cu/.5Ag
  • Paste Flux...SMD291NL For Lead-Free Solder & Desolder Rework 5cc syringe w/handle/tip
  • Liquid Flux Remover Cleaner… 1oz. Container w / applicator.. non-flammable
  • Solder Wick.. No clean.. ESD Safe.. 5Ft. .055width
  • Handi-Vac Tool.. SMD pick & place w/3 tips
  • Acid Brush… qty. 2 3/8 wide
  • Probe Kit...qty. 4 stainless steel Non Magnetic Dental Picks...For SMD removal & placement
  • Precision Tweezers…qty. 2 Non-Magnetic, For SMD removal, placement & chip components
  • Cleaning Wipes… qty. 6 tight weave / low lint 4 x 4in... For cleaning PC board
  • Swabs...qty. 10..double ended.. for PC board clean up
  • Alcohol Pads qty. 12..for PC board clean up
  • Chip Quik SMD Rework Instructions
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