DFR0559 Sunflower: Solar Power Manager 5V

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Sunflower: Solar Power Manager 5V

DFRobot is launching a brand new series - Sunflower, focusing on high-efficiency, small power solar energy management for IoT projects and renewable energy applications. Solar Power Manager 5V is a small power and high-efficiency solar power management module designed for 5V solar panel. It features as MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, maximizing the efficiency of the solar panel. Apart from serving as a solar charger, the module can provide up to 900mA charging current to 3.7V Li battery with USB charger. The ON/OFF controllable DC-DC converters with 5V 1A output satisfies the needs of various solar power projects and low-power applications. The module also employs various protection functions, such as battery/solar panel reverse connection protection, output over temperature and over current/short circuit protection, which greatly improves the stability and safety of the system.

Board Overview

Solar Power Manager 5V interfaces (front)

Solar Power Manager 5V interfaces (back)

Connection Diagram

Build a solar powered system


  • Constant voltage MPPT algorithm, maximizing solar panel efficiency
  • Designed for 5V solar panel
  • Double charging mode: solar/USB charger (900mA max charge current)
  • 5V ON/OFF controllable regulated power supply for low-power applications
  • Various protection functions
  • USB connector with ESD shell


  • Smart solar environment monitor system
  • Solar powered robot
  • Small solar street lamp
  • Solar power bank


  • Solar power management IC: CN3065
  • Solar input voltage (SOLAR IN): 4.5V~6V
  • Battery input (BAT IN): 3.7V single cell Li-polymer/Li-ion battery
  • Charge current(USB/SOLAR IN): 900mA Max trickle charging, constant current, constant voltage three phases charging
  • Charging cutoff voltage(USB/SOLAR IN): 4.2V±1%
  • USB IN voltage: 5V
  • Regulated power supply: 5V 1A
  • Regulated power supply efficiency (3.7V battery IN)
    5V/USB OUT: 89%@10%Load, 86%@50%Load, 83%@90%Load
  • USB/solar charge efficiency: 73%@3.7V 900mA BAT IN
  • Maximum quiescent current: <1 mA
  • Protection functions
    BAT IN: over charge/reverse connection protection
    5V/USB OUT: short circuit/over current/over heat protection
    SOLAR IN: reverse connection protection
  • Operation temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Dimension: 33.0mm*63.0mm



  • Sunflower: Solar Power Manager 5V x1
  • Black Jumper x1
  • M3 nylon pillar x4
  • M3 stainless steel screw x4
  • 14mm*14mm Aluminum cooling fin x1
  • 14mm*14mm Thermal conductive silicone pad x1