SEN0429, Fermion: TMF8701 ToF Distance Ranging Sensor (10-600mm) (Breakout)

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The SEN0429 is a time-of-flight (ToF) distance-ranging sensor that uses the time difference between light pulses to measure distance. It provides single-zone detection of an object irrespective of the colour, reflectivity and texture of the object.

The TMF8701 offers a high dynamic range and operates in either a proximity mode (1 –10cm) or a ranging mode (10–60cm) for detection sensing. And the device can make highly accurate distance measurements within ±5% and is capable of operation in dark environments and in the presence of sunlight.

A built-in histogram is featured to deliver dynamic cover glass calibration and crosstalk compensation and background light noise is minimized through on-chip sunlight rejection filters.

The TMF8701 outputs data through an I2C fast-mode communications interface and an integrated microcontroller, which is featured with all algorithms included on-chip with no need for external optics.


  • 21º FOI, detect the object closest to the center
  • 10–600mm distance sensing
  • Enables dark and sunlight environment distance measurement within ±5%
  • A built-in histogram for compensating for dirt and smudges on cover glass
  • 940nm VCSEL Class 1 Eye Safety
  • Low power consumption, 940μA power consumption at 10Hz(proximity mode); 26mA power consumption at 60Hz (distance and proximity mode); 0.26μA power-down current consumption (EN=0)


  • Operating Voltage: 2.7~3.3V
  • Operating Current: <1.5mA
  • Proximity Detection Range: 1-10cm
  • Distance Sensing Range: 10-60cm
  • Operating Temperature: -30 ~70℃
  • Communication Interface: Breakout 2.54mm-8Pin I2C
  • Dimension: 21×14.5mm/0.83×0.57inch
  • Mounting Hole Size: 2.0mm
  • Mounting Hole Pitch: 17mm


  • 3D face recognition
  • Proximity detection
  • Presence detection
  • Object detection
  • Distance measurement
  • Collision avoidance



  1. Fermion: TMF8701 ToF Distance Ranging Sensor (10-600mm) x1
  2. 2.54-8P Black Single-row Connector x1

Schematics (1c2a0bd88d3e554f737a0bb705f89ae4.pdf, 89 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (2e8974e9dd0008f278e3d1031d289170.pdf, 1,042 Kb) [Download]