SENS-MH-02 Temperature Conductivity Hall Flow Sensor Meter 6 Wires

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SENS-MH-02 Temperature Conductivity Hall Flow Sensor Meter 6 Wires

this device is installed at the inlet end of various water equipment and is used to detect the inlet flow rate. When water is passing through
the rotor assembly, the magnetic rotor rotates and the rotational speed changes according to the flow rate. The hall sensor output
corresponds with the pulse signal , and feedback to the controller.
The main function of the controller is to measure cumulative flow and instantaneous flow; single quantitative and total quantitative analysis, and water temperature detection.

Pipe connection: ~ OD9 MM  (3/8 PE)
Color: white
Flow rate: 0.3~10 L/min
Flow Pulse:  F(Hz)=21*Q + -2% Q=LPM (L/min)
Max. Working Current: 15mA (DC5 V)
Min. Working Voltage: DC 4.7V
Output Pulse Low Level: 0.5v
Working Voltage: DC 3V~18V
Load Capacity: =10 mA (DC 5 V)
Pressure :<0.8mPa
Operating Working Temperature:
-25 Degree centigrade to +80 Degree centigrade

Accuracy: +- 2% 
Cable wire length 19 inches:
Red: + 5V
Yellow: NPN signal output
Black:  - GND
Green:  NTC temperature sensor 50K.
Blue & Red:  TDS (totally dissolved solid) water quality test sensor.




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