GP2Y0A710K0F 100-500cm IR Distance Sensor + Cable

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GP2Y0A710K0F 100-500cm IR Distance Sensor + Cable

This unit features a sharp long range IR distance sensor. The sensor will emit IR wavelengths to any object, when the signal is reflected on the object the other sensor will pick up the refracted wavelengths in the other lens and output an analog value for the microcontroller to interpret.

This unit comes with a 6” 6-wire JST cable and the sensor can read up to 500cm and close to 100cm MAX. This sensor makes a great alternative to our ultrasonic sensor.

Please note: the wire colorings are not intuitive! Watch out before wiring! The datasheet has wiring details as well. Connect the blue & red wire to ground, the black & yellow wires to 5VDC and read the analog signal from the green wire. The analog voltage out will range from 3V when an object is about 100cm away away and 1.4V when the object is 500cm away. For a full graph, showing the distance to analog range, check the datasheet below.

These sensors tend to be a little noisy, we suggest soldering/connecting the included 220uF capacitor to the same place you connect the wires, to provide some filtering on the power supply.

For more information, please see the datasheet!

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