SENS-10 10Kg Aluminum Load Cell Sensor

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SENS-10 10Kg Aluminum Load Cell Sensor

This Aluminum scale can measure up to 10Kg/22lbs of weight and has a maximum safety weight of 12Kg before reaching its’ maximum measurement scale. It converts the weight into electrical signals using a Wheatstone bridge formation. The output wires are the following: Red: E+, Black: E-, Green: A+ (O+) and White: A- (O-). Must use an Amplifier when interfacing with microcontrollers. Comes with Four 3.4mm diameter threaded holes to mount plate onto. When mounting onto base,  screw on one side. When mounting underneath the top plate, mount with screws on the opposite side screw holes. The two sides with epoxy coating, adjacent to the wires is the typical location of the weight and base counterweight. This unit measures 81 x 12.5 x 12.5 mm (L * W * H) and operates from - 10°C to 50°C with a net weight of 32 g.

A strain gauge is a type of electronic sensor used to measure force or strain (big surprise there). They are made of an insulating flexible backing with a metallic foil pattern. The resistance of a strain gauge changes when force is applied and the object is deformed along with the foil and this change will give a different electrical output. However, these thin foils are very delicate and are easy to over-bend.

In this product, the gauge is attached with epoxy to a chunk of strong aluminum. The metal keeps the strain gauge from being damaged, and constrains the amount of movement. Attach one side to a fixed enclosure or ground, using the mounting holes, to keep them from moving. Then apply weight to the other side in the direction indicated on the side, either by gravity (so arrow pointing down) or by pulling (arrow facing up). The output resistance will change with the amount of deflection, and is measured with a precision ADC or Wheatstone bridge.

Strain gauges are useful for projects when you need to measure pressure, force, weight, and tension. Note that this is just the load cell, no ADC or converter is included. 

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