MP1-L-0050-103-5-ST Magnetpot Sensors, 50mm, 5%, 10K Ohms

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MP1-L-0050-103-5-ST Magnetpot Sensors, Active Length 50mm, Linearity 5%, Total Resistance 10K Ohms

The MagnetoPot is simple, yet elegant in its ability to track motion in a contactless manner. A magnet on the inside of a cylinder, or on the other side of a motion device will guide the built-in magnetics of the MagnetoPot for position output as a voltage divider. As opposed to a Reed Switch, which gives simply “open” or “close” signals, the MagnetoPot gives the full linear travel as a magnetic sensor. For the cost of a Reed Switch, the MagnetoPot offers tremendous sensing solutions for a fraction of other magnetic sensors costs. What position sensor can offer the magnetic characteristics of a reed switch with the output of a potentiometer, for the same cost of a Reed Switch? Only Spectra Symbol’s MagnetoPot.

-Connector: Solder Tab 
-Voltage Rating: 500VAC 
-Resistance Tolerance: 20% 
-Temperature Range: -40˚C to +85˚C
-Output Type: Analog-Voltage