CA-HOTSHOE Hotshoe Flash Cable

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This flash hotshoe, which plugs into either of the Camera/Flash ports on the Camera Axe, lets you attach a flash to the Camera Axe for high speed photography.

  Photos that require near instant reaction times like milk droplets, breaking glass, or popping balloons can't rely on the camera shutter. Camera shutters have a shutter lag that varies depending on the camera model, but 50 milliseconds is a pretty fast shutter reaction and in these types of photos 50 milliseconds is just too long. The solution is to set the camera for a long exposure (5 seconds) in a dark room and have the Camera Axe trigger a flash. Flash lag time is much much less than one millisecond so it can catch these events with sub millisecond response times. 

It has been tested with with Canon 580EX/430EX, Yongnuo 460/560 and Nikon SB600/SB800 flashes, and it should work with any name brand low voltage flash unit. Using a high voltage flash unit will damage the Camera Axe.  Here is a list of safe flashes (flashes that are EOS safe are also Camera Axe safe). 

This flash hotshoe has a standard 1/4 inch threaded hole in the bottom that can be attached to a tripod. It has hotshoe holders for 2 flashes, but I recommend using only one flash at a time with this device.

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