PTLOP Visual Scientifics Loop Kit

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The PTLOP Visual Scientifics Loop Kit

Visual Scientifics loop kit is used to demonstrate kinetic and potential energy, and calculates the normal force on a roller coaster rider. The kit includes two balls and a ramp with a loop for hands-on experiments, and has steel construction for durability. Steel is a good general-purpose material, with better weldability and increased rust resistance over wrought iron.

The loop kit’s 30-page instructions cover three hours of class and lab time, and include a main lab, “Loop Investigation: Applying Conservation of Kinetic and Potential Energy,” and two extensions, “Normal Force on a Roller Coaster Rider” and “Technology Verification of Calculations.” The instructions also contain safety information, general theory, classroom lessons, experimental set up diagrams, a student lab book, 15 Next Generation Science Standards Concepts, and 17 Common Core Standards. The loop kit requires PTBASE base for operation; optional accessories include a video camera for the extensions, graphing software, scale for obtaining masses, measuring tape or a ruler, and PTBACK back board (required and optional accessories sold separately).

Kit Includes:

  • Metal ramp with loop
  • (2) metal balls
  • Instructions