PH1196B-7 Hydrogen Spectrum Tube

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The Eisco PH1196B Hydrogen Spectrum Tube

  • These are straight form Spectrum Tubes with side electrodes and a 50mm long fine capillary tube in the middle with total length of 26 cm.
  • Reveal the spectra of various gases when discharges pass through them.
  • Provide a visual representation of the energy associated with electron transitions within excited atoms and molecules.


  Order#   Description
 PH1196B-1  Oxygen
 PH1196B-2  Neon
 PH1196B-3  Helium
 PH1196B-4  Nitrogen
 PH1196B-5  Argon
 PH1196B-6  Carbon Dioxide
 PH1196B-7  Hydrogen
 PH1196B-8  Iodine Vapor
 PH1196B-9  Sulfur
 PH1196B-10  Xenon
 PH1196B-11  Krypton