PH0767A Ripple Tank

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The PH0767A Ripple Tank is a dual purpose vesatile tank allowing all types of waves and wave motion.

With an illuminator lamp and important accessories included it forms a complete ready to use unit. The unique design and size allows it to be used on an overhead projector as well.
Supplied in foam packing and consists of the following components:
-Ripple Tank 40cm x 40cm
-Push fit legs
-Rippler motor with eccentric cam, mounted on PVC bar
-Three supports for illuminator and the motor unit
-Motor hanging clamps
-Springs for motor support
-Lamp Unit Halogen 6 volts
-Hand Stroboscope
-Concave Perspex Plate
-Convex Perspex Plate
-Rectangular perspex Plate
-Curved Reflector
-Barrier Large
-Barrier small
-Plastic roller Bar