PH0343 Projectile Launcher

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The PH0343 Projectile Launcher is solidly built to launch a projectile at any angle from -15° to +90° straight up.

 Solidly built to withstand the rigors of a hands-on lab and precision machined for reproducible results. This handy projectile launcher clamps to any table top. Compatible with electronic timer. Range up to 3m (10ft.). Infinitely adjustable by turning and locking latch to desired position. Any desired angle up to 90°. Adjusts with launcher mount and brace means maximum flexibility plus great rigidity. Measure your angle within 1/2° accuracy with inclined bob.
Product Details:
  • Durable, unbreakable. Aluminium construction with hardened steellatches. 
  • String release trigger mechanism with 2 bore sights.
  •  Pivots from horizontal to 90. 19 mm diameter ball with hole is easy to use fixed launch position. 
  • Trajectories vary less than 1 cm because ball does not spin when launched.
assembled spring loaded gun, two balls of aluminium, protractor, plumb bob and complete with operating instructions.