CMDS25 Ceramic Disk Magnet 25mm

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These ceramic magnets offer an assortment of different shapes of bar, disc and ring magnets.




 CM01  Bar, 50 x 12 x 7.5mm (Pair), painted
 CM02  Bar, 75 x 13 x 8mm (Pair), painted
 CMU-50  U shape, 50 x 10 x 8mm
 CMDS18  Disc, 18mm Diameter, 6mm thick
 CMDS20  Disc, 20mm Diameter, 4mm thick
 CMDS25  Disc, 25mm Diameter, 5mm thick
 CMDS30  Disc, 30mm Diameter, 5mm thick
 CMRC30  Rectangular, 30mm x 20mm x 6mm
 CMRC40  Rectangular, 40mm x 25mm x 6mm
 CMRC42  Rectangular, 40mm x 25mm x 10mm
 CMRG18  Ring, 18 x 8 x 3mm
 CMRG13  Ring, 13 x 5 x 3mm
 CMRG30  Ring, 30 x 16 x 5mm
 CMRG45  Ring, 45 x 22 x 8mm