7-396ELG Bomex Volumetric Flask 1000mL

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These Bomex volumetric flasks are fitted with a ground stopper and are accurately calibrated for reliable measuring of liquids and solutions.

The neck has a single ring graduation mark.

Noted on the flask is the flask's capacity.

The glass is clear.


Order# Description
 7-396LG  Volumetric Flash, 25ml Capacity
 7-396ALG  Volumetric Flash, 50ml Capacity
 7-396BLG  Volumetric Flask, 100ml Capacity
 7-396CLG  Volumetric Flask, 250ml Capacity
 7-396DLG  Volumetric Flask, 500ml Capacity
 7-396ELG  Volumetric Flask, 1000ml Capacity