7-504-7 Flat Zinc Electrode

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Electrodes are designed to help facilitate electricity experiments.

Note: a pair of electrodes are required to demonstrate the flow of electrical currents.

All prices per individual unit, except for 7-504-10 which is per pair.


  Order#   Electrode
 7-501-2  Platinum
 7-504-1  Flat Aluminum
 7-504-2  Flat Brass
 7-504-3  Flat Carbon
 7-504-4  Flat Copper
 7-504-5  Flat Iron
 7-504-7  Flat Zinc
 7-504-8  Flat Nickel
 7-504-9  Flat Tin
 7-504-10  Stainless Steel**
 7-499-EL  Stainless Steel and Platinum*

*For electrolysis Apparatus 7-498
**The Electrodes are constructed of stainless steel with a plastic shrink
    tubing covering the rods up to the binding area.