7-400-2-B Replacement Kjeldahl Bulb

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This is a replacement Kjeldahl bulb for any distillation apparatus equipment.

No two liquids have exactly the same boiling point.

Therefore, separating any mixture of two liquids by raising the temperature of the mixture to a point where one of the liquids will boil but the other remains liquid.


Consists of:

  • 300mm Leibig Condenser
  • Kjeldahl Ball 50mm in dia.
  • 500ml Boiling Flask
  • Cast Iron Base with Support Rod
  • Clamp
  • Cast Iron Tripod
  • Wire Gauze and
  • 500ml Erlenmeyer Flask

Comes with a comprehensive instruction manual which discusses how this process is applied in various industries, such as th oil industry(24" x 6-1/4" x 7-3/4").




 7-400-2  Complete Distilling Apparatus
 7-400-2-B  Replacement Kjeldahl Bulb