7-1864 Molecular Model Basic set

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The 7-1864 is a Basic Molecular Model Set for hands on exploration of organic and inorganic compounds.

These detailed kits allow you to build simple inorganic compounds such as H20, NaCI, H2SO4, O2, and C12; simple organic molecules such as ethylene, acetylene, and propane; or complex compounds such as sugar and cyclohexane. Made from a super strong, unbreakable pre-colored plastic. The connecting bonding plugs fit securely yet are flexible enough for double bonding applications. The balls are precision drilled for correct bond angles.
Set includes:
6 - 2.5 cm Black Alkane Carbon balls
4 - 2.5 cm Black Alkene Carbon balls
2 - 2.5 cm Black Alkyne Carbon balls
5 - 2.5 cm Green Halogens and Monovalient Non - Metals balls
4 - 2.5 cm Yellow Sulfur/Selenium Hexavalent balls
4 - 2.5 cm Orange Sodium/Potassium Monovalent Metals balls
6- 2 cm Red Oxygen balls
6 - 2 cm Blue Nitrogen/Phosphorous Trivalent and Pentavalent
Elements balls
6 - 2 cm Yellow Aluminum/Chromium Trivalent Metals balls
6 - 2 cm Orange Calcium/Magnesium Bivalent Metals balls
25 -1 cm White Hydrogen balls with Integral Bonding Lugs
30 - 1 cm Bonding Lugs
74 : Total number of balls
104 : Total number of components