REMO Indicator

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The LW Measurements REMO Indicator is perfect for most industrial or commercial applications for general weighing, inventory control,and this unit can be mounted on a wall or set on a table for easy reading.


  • Auto backlight (selectable)
  • 1/10,000 Display Resolution
  • Hold function to capture or hold the last known weight
  • Rechargeable Battery or AC Adapter
  • Switch Selectable Pounds or Kilograms
  • Messages: Overload, Calibration, Unstable, Zero
  • Tare 50% Capacity
  • Zero Tracking 4% Capacity
  • RS232 serial interface


 Additional Information   
 Capacity & Readability (lb)   400 lb x 0.1 lb 
 Capacity & Readability (kg)   180 kg x 0.1 kg 
 Units  kg, lb
 Display  1" LCD
 Power  Rechargeable Battery or AC Adapter 
 Weight  1 Lbs