70098 Universal Plate Set

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The 799-70098 Universal Plate Set provides a reconfigurable platform for building your own robot chassis. 

The set comes with a plate with gridded mounting holes, angle brackets, and mounting hardware that lets you mount mechanical components in a variety of positions.

The Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set is a customizable chassis designed to be compatible with multiple Tamiya products.

This set includes a plastic plate with an 11 x 31 grid of 3 mm holes spaced 5 mm apart, which provides space for many mechanical connections. The two included eight-hole angle brackets can connect the plate to additional Universal Plates or can serve as a mounting point for an axle. The plate set also includes two shaft mounts (the triangular brackets in the picture on the right) for supporting an axle. The kit provides ten screws and ten nuts for connecting the angle brackets and shaft mounts to the plate.

Included Parts

  • 11 x 31 grid of 3 mm holes spaced 5 mm apart (60 x 160 mm, 2.36" x 6.30")
  • Two eight-hole angle brackets
  • Two shaft mounts
  • Ten screws and ten nuts

Tamiya Universal Plates

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