PHOTON 2 Particle IoT WIFI Development Board with headers

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Particle Photon 2 IoT WIFI Development Board with headers

  • Professional Power, at Affordable Price
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)
  • Integrated BLE support (BLE 5.3)
  • Industry-leading performance with ARM Cortex M33 CPU
  • More memory (3MB RAM, 2MB Flash)
  • Most reliable and trusted device security powered by ARM Trustzone
  • Feather form factor for easy prototyping
  • Faster time to market with pre-certifications (FCC, IC, CE)

Simple to Start

Get started with the Photon 2, and access the Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service with a fully-featured development sandbox that includes support for up to 100 devices. Leverage our easy-to-use developer tools & resources including CLIs, IDEs, APIs, SDKs, tested firmware libraries, tutorials, and our seamless device setup process for unparalleled development.

Prototype with the Photon 2, Scale with the P2

While the Photon 2 is optimized for prototyping, you can easily transition to our production-grade Wi-Fi module, P2 during the scaling phase. Simply port your firmware using the hardware abstraction layer on our Device OS and transition seamlessly from the Photon 2 to the P2, reducing your bill of materials & certification costs, without any of added engineering headaches.

Powered by the Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service

Unlike other affordable standalone Wi-Fi development boards and kits, Particle’s Photon 2 is backed by the full power of the Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service, empowering you to reliably connect, manage, and deploy IoT products with pre-integrated cloud connectivity & messaging, out-of-the-box OTA updates, and included device management and development tools.


Photon 2 development board


  • “Feather” dev kit for breadboard prototyping
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
    Integrated PCB antenna
    Integrated U.FL connector for external antenna
    Integrated RF switch
  • BLE 5 using same antenna as Wi-Fi
  • Realtek RTL8721DM MCU
    ARM Cortex M33 CPU, 200 MHz
  • 2048 KB (2 MB) user application maximum size
  • 3072 KB (3 MB) of RAM available to user applications
  • 2 MB flash file system
  • FCC, IC, and CE certified

Photon 2 Datashet

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