WL-TTGO-7000G, LILYGO T-SIM7000G ESP32 (LTE, GPRS, GPS) SIM Development Board WiFi Bluetooth, 16MG

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The LILYGO T-SIM7000G ESP32 development board combines the ESP32 chip, the SIM7000G module, microSD card slot, battery holder, and solar panel charging circuit on the same board.

The LILYGO T-SIM7000G is an ESP32 development board with a SIM7000G chip. This adds LTE (4G), GPS, and GPRS to your board. This means that with this board you can send SMS, get location and time using GPS, and connect it to the internet using a SIM card data plan. This board doesn’t support phone calls.

The ESP32 communicates with the SIM7000G module via Serial communication on the following pis:

Besides the SIM7000G module, the board also comes with very interesting features for a remote project like a battery holder for a 18650 battery, and a battery charging circuit with an interface for solar panels to recharge the battery when needed.

The board also features a microSD card connector that can be useful for data logging projects or to save configuration settings. Controlling the microSD card is the same as using a “regular” ESP32 and a microSD card module, just make sure you use the right pinout on your code. The board uses the following GPIOs to communicate with the microSD card via SPI communication protocol:
-CS: GPIO 13

This board only supports nano SIM cards. You need a SIM card for LTE and GPRS. However, if you only want to use GPS data, you don’t need a SIM card. To use LTE and GPRS you need a SIM card with some data plan. This can be expensive in some countries, so it might be cost prohibitive depending on how much you can get a data plan for in your country. We recommend using a SIM card with a prepaid or monthly plan so that you know exactly how much you’ll spend. There are also companies specialized in SIM cards for IoT projects.

To upload code to the board you need a USB-C cable. You can also provide power via the USB-C port.

The board comes with two u.fl connectors to connect a GPS antenna and an LTE antenna. The antennas are included when you buy the board.

The board comes with both RST (reset) and PWR (power) buttons. The RST button resets/restarts the board, and the PWR button can be used to manually power up the SIM7000G module.



    • Supply voltage: 3.3V DC or 5V DC
    • ESP32 chip (WROVER-B Module) (240MHz dual-core processor)
    • Flash memory: 4MB
    • PSRAM: 8MB
    • SRAM: 520KB
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • USB to serial converter: CP2104 or CH9102 (drivers)
    • Built-in SIM7000G module
    • Built-in nano SIM card slot
    • Built-in SIM antenna slot
    • Built-in GPS antenna slot
    • Built-in Li-ion/Li-Po battery charging circuit:
    • DW01A battery protection IC
    • CN3065 solar energy charging interface for 4.4-6.8V solar panel
    • Built-in 1x 18650 battery holder
    • Built-in solar panel connector 2p JST-PH
    • Built-in Micro SD card slot
    • Built-in on/off switch



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