BOB-00193 Adapter Board for Microchip ICD and ICD2

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The SparkFun BOB-00193 is a small PCB that adapts the standard Microchip 6-Pin RJ11 connector to the Olimex 6-Pin .1" Molex Connector.

It is used to connect the original Microchip ICD or ICD2 to a Olimex Development board or to a bread board. If you own an Olimex ICD or ICD2, you do not need this board.

Please note: The ICD RJ11 cable reverses the programming signals. Please take a look at the PCB Layout image for a better understanding of the signal routing. This board will allow you direct access to the programming lines.

PCB Comes Pre-Assembled With:

  • RJ11 Receptacle
  • 6-Pin Polarized Header

Dimensions: 0.65x1.0"