MOD-AD9833 AD9833 - Programmable Waveform Generator breakout board for Arduino

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AD9833 - Programmable Waveform Generator breakout board for Arduino

The AD9833 is a low power, programmable waveform generator capable of producing sine, triangular, and square waveform outputs. Simply connect the device using SPI wiring on the Uno or any microcontroller that supports SPI and program the device to store the waveform coordinates to be displayed on a TFT LCD purchased separately. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Digitally programmable frequency and phase.
  • 12.65 mW power consumption at 3 Volts.
  • 0 MHz to 12.5 MHz output frequency range.
  • 28-bit resolution: 0.1 Hz at 25 MHz reference clock.
  • Sinusoidal, triangular, and square wave outputs.
  • Operates at a range of: 2.3-5.5 Volts.
  • 3-wire serial peripheral interface (SPI).
  • Temperature range: −40°C to +105°C
  • Sleep feature.
  • Frequency Rate: 25Hz max.
  • Maximum output Voltage: 0.65V
  • Minimum output Voltage: 38mV
  • Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient: 200°
  • Input High Voltage: 1.7-2.8V
  • Input Low Voltage: 0.5-0.7V
  • Input Current: 10µA
  • Input Capacitance: 3pF
  • Operating temperature range is −40°C to +105°C; typical specifications are at 25°C
  • Size: 17x12x2.7 mm (L x W x D). 

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