Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit

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The Breadboard Voltage Regulator (BVR) is a convenient and practical way to power your proto board or breadboard project.

The BVR is a regulated 5 Volt supply that is capable of outputting up to 500 mA of current. The BVR has been specially designed to mount onto the power rails of a standard breadboard and accepts any standard 2.1 mm barrel plug found on most AC adapters. Should you need a more portable power solution; the BVR can also be powered by a 9 Volt battery.

There is no faster or more practical way to power a breadbroad or proto project than with the BVR.

Step 1 - Assemble the BVR   Step 2 - Insert the BVR into the breadboard rails   Step 3 - Plug an AC adapter into the BVR's barrel jack for power

The BVR is suitable for anybody looking for an inexpensive, convenient method to supply regulated +5 Volts to a breadboard. Building a regulated supply each time you do a design is a hassle; with the BVR you just plug in and go.

We recommend that the BVR be powered by an AC adapter with 6V DC output (tip positive). Alternately, a 9 Volt batter clip can be installed to allow the use of a standard 9V battery.