ARD-MAKERPLOT-KIT MakerPlot Instructional Kit for Arduino

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Ever wonder how to plot data generated by your Arduino but were not sure how to start? This kit contains basic components to get you started with learning how to interface MakerPlot Data Acquisition and Graphical Plotting Software to a basic Arduino project.

The included seventeen page color manual illustrates a basic wiring diagram of hardware components with an Arduino Uno and sketch examples which you can copy and paste into your IDE. Once you understand these simple projects you should use Makerplot's comprehensive website to unleash it's full power.

For further information on MakerPlot go to their website:

For a basic introduction to MakerPlot see MakerPlot pdf

This kit does not inlude an Arduino UNO. If you like to purchase one our part number is A000066.

Kit includes:

makerplot-logo.jpg Included is the powerful MakerPlot Data Acquisition and Graphical Plotting software. MakerPlot is Windows® software for plotting analog and digital data generated by your microcontroller and other devices with ASCII serial outputs. No proprietary hardware is required; just a serial connection from your microcontroller or other device to your PC - that's it!
makerplot-.jpg Included is a color seventeen page manual to help you get started with Arduino and MakerPlot. This manual is extracted from MakerPlots's 245 page general guide, which is available on their website. We decided to print in full color the relevant pages for this project since it's somtimes still easier to perform experiments with a printed guide.
22awg-red.jpg Included is 24 inches of red 22AWG solid wire.
22awg-blue.jpg Included is 24 inches of blue 22AWG solid wire.
22awg-black.jpg Included is 24 inches of black solid 22AWG wire.
led-5r.jpg Included are 2 Red 5mm LEDs.
220ohm.jpg Included is a 1/4 watt 220 ohm resistor.
no-110.jpg Included are two momentary pushbutton switches N.O.
p10k.jpg  Included is a 10K ohm potentiometer.