ARD-EXTREME Arduino Educational Kit

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This is an action-packed and low-cost Arduino Kit. It includes all the components required to not only get you started, but also to allow you to deep-dive into more advanced components like RFIDs.

It does not include an instruction manual. However at this point Arduino is so popular that a Google search on how to use any component will result in many tutorials.

All components are packed in a re-usable sturdy plastic case.

Components in included this kit are:

1 X UNO Board with USB Cable

1 X 30-pin Male to Male Jumper Wires

1 X 20-pin Female to Male Jumper Wires

1 X 9V Battery Connector with DC Barrel

1 X Breadboard

30 X 5mm LEDs (various colors)

2 X Tilt Switches

3 X Photoresistors

5 X Tactile Buttons

1 X RGB LED Module

40 X 1/4 Watt Resistors (various values)

1 X 10Kohm Panel-mount Potentiometer

2 X Buzzers

1 X 74HC595 Shift Register IC

1 X LM35 TO-92 Temperature Sensor

1 X RGB LED Module

1 X 8x8 Dot Matrix LED Module

1 X Single-digit 7-segment LED Display

1 X Four-digit 7-segment LED Display

1 X Single-Channel Relay Module

1 X 4x4 Tactile Button Board

1 X XY Joystick Module

1 X Electret MIC Module

1 X DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Module

1 X ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module

1 X 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor

1 X SG90 Servo Motor

1 X I2C 16x2 Character LCD

1 X Real-Time Clock Module (CR2032 battery is not included)

1 X Water-level Module

1 X RFID Module

1 X RFID Keychain

1 X RFID White Card

1 X Remote Control

1 X VS1838B Infrared Receiver

1 X Infrared LED

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