Adjustable Power Supply w/Digital Display 0-48V 10A

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Adjustable Power Supply w/Digital Display 0-48V 10A

This is an adjustable 0-48 volt 10 amp power supply with digital voltage display on the enclosure.
Selector switch for 115VAC or 220VAC input.
Adjustable  voltage with control knob on the chassis as well as a second control potentiometer with
connector that can be mounted externally.
Excellent universal power supply for LED lighting, LED lamp lights, light boxes, light modules, luminous characters, guardrail lights, monitoring, security equipment, car audio power amplifier, etc.



Input Power: 115 or 220VAC switch selectable.
Output Voltage: 0-48 VDC
Max. Output Current: 10A
Power Rating: 480 watts
Voltage Display: 7 segment 0.0 – 48.0 V
Resolution: 0.1 V 
Output Terminals:  3 x V+ and 3 x V-

Dimensions: 218 * 112 * 48mm
Weight: 1,9 Lbs. (0.87 kg)

Enclosed Switching DC Power Supplies (Enclosed_Switching_DC_Power_Supplies.pdf, 344 Kb) [Download]

Notice for California Residents: Warning symbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -