MOD-HT16K33 LED 16x8 Matrix Driver Breakout Board

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HT16K33 LED 16x8 Matrix Driver Breakout Board

The HT16K33 is a neat little chip that has the ability to drive a multiplexed 16x8 matrix (128 individual LEDs). The communication protocol is I2C so it uses only 2 pins, and can have up to 8 selectable I2C addresses for a total of 8 matrices, each one controlling 16x8 LEDs (1024 total LEDs)

The chip also supports reading a 3x13 keypad matrix (missing library code example).

Arduino example:

Raspberry Pi example:



· 5VDC

· I2C protocol

· 8 addressable I2C addresses

· Dimensions: 35.77mm / 1.4" x 20.37mm / 0.8" x 4.03mm / 0.15"