LCD-MOD-11 16x2 1602 LCD Module with Blue LED Backlight

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LCD-MOD-11 16x2 1602 LCD with Blue LED Backlight

This unit has 16 pinouts that require a breadboard to interface with any microcontroller you may have at hand. You also need a 10k potentiometer to adjust the contrast value to reduce the backlight and view the text. This display can show up to 16 columns and 2 rows of text. The back light for this model is blue.


Example code for Arduino Uno (see attachment)

Wiring guide for Arduino Uno

Example code for Arduino Uno (sketch_may06a.ino, 2 Kb) [Download]

Manual (Arduino_Parallel_IO_Setup_Guide_v1.1.pdf, 1,143 Kb) [Download]