AXE408KIT Instant Robot Shield (self assembly)

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The AXE408KIT ‘Instant Robot Shield’ is designed to enable you to rapidly create a robot based upon a PICAXE-28X2 or Arduino controller.

Simply push the shield onto your controller, connect your motors, sensors and servos and you can have a working robot within just a few minutes!

Plesae note this is is the self assembly kit - for fully assembled version see part AXE408 instead.

Key Features:
Two 1A motor channels with optional PWM control
Two 500mA buffered outputs (for buzzers etc).
6 analogue or digital inputs, with optional on-board 10k pull down resistor
8 servo or digital outputs
Power either from shield base or via separate battery pack

Optional Upgrade Features:
Ultrasonic Range Finder (SRF005 or PING)
LED020 Infrared-red receiver for control via a TV style remote control (e.g. TVR010)
LED021 Infra-Red Transmitter LED for communication with other robots